RSM 970 S
Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar/Mode S
The RSM 970 S, the latest generation Monopulse SSR designed by Thales, for Approach and En-route surveillance. Including major improvements:

> Mode S Transmitter
> SSR/Mode S Interrogator and reply processor,
> EMC compatibility,
> Full Mode S capability,
> Mode S / SCF* capability.

Benefiting from the experience gained throughout an impressive number of contracts implemented all over the world (more than 300 RSM 970 S / RSM 970 I / RSM 970 / RSM 870 systems sold), the RSM 970 S fully meets the standards and recommendations of ICAO Annex 10, and its electronics is fully duplicated.

The technical concepts incorporated in the equipment, such as monopulse techniques and Mode S, have been validated through field trials initially carried out as a joint programme with the French Civil Aviation Authorities, and full Mode S operation has been validated by Eurocontrol during the development of the Pre-Operational Mode S station (POEMS), which features the
Mode S standard for Europe.

When fitted with the appropriate options (time stamping, dual channel site monitor), the RSM970S fully complies with the Eurocontrol Mode S Specification (EMS).

Thales is the only manufacturer which can propose the full range of SSR/Mode S applications (conventional MSSR, Mode S elementary surveillance, Mode S enhanced surveillance and Full
Mode S datalink) with a single product. This feature allows the user to secure his purchase against future requirements.

The RSM 970 S may be operated in a full stand-alone configuration or in conjunction (co-mounted) with a primary radar. It can be interfaced with control centres through a wide range of formats and protocols.

The equipment is designed to be remotely controlled and monitored for all its main functions from a central point (Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS)).


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