RS 4910 (Receiver)
RS 4910 VHF Multi mode Receiver


The VHF mul ti mo de re cei ver RS 4910 - ( ) has been de ve lo ped to ful fill the new and spe ci fic needs of

civil ae ro nau ti cal te le com mu ni ca tions for data trans mis si on in the ran ge of 118.000 MHz -

136.975 MHz.

De sig ned for ground com mu ni ca ti on sta tions, the re cei ver is a mul ti mo de, mul ti fre quen cy unit equip -

ped with a num ber of functions fa ci li ta ting its in te gra ti on in va ri ous con fi gu ra tions. It re mains, ho we ver,

com pa ti ble with the tra di tio nal AM mo du la ti on mode.

Due to its mo du lar con cep ti on the unit main ten an ce is easy and ra pid with a simp le re pla ce ment sys -

tem of de fec ti ve sub-assembly.




Pre sen ta ti on

The RS 4910 - (A) re cei ver is a VHF mul ti mo de (A3E-ACARS-MODE2-MODE3-MODE4). It works

with ana log (AM type) and di gi tal (type D8PSK-GFSK-AM-MSK) mo du la ti on. The re cei ver is di gitally

con trol led.

Ar chi tec tu re

See ge ne ral block - Pla te 1 and in ter con nec tions - Pla te 6.

RS 4910 - ( ) re cei ver (dc mains)

The re cei ver is for med of four main ele ments : front pa nel, AF con trol PCB, re cep ti on mo du le and rear

pa nel

a) The front pa nel PAVR 42056 al lows to con trol the re cei ver in lo cal

b) The CNUM 12133 con trol PCB sends the in for ma ti on and exe cu tes the as so cia ted ope rations

in an ana log and/or di gi tal way. It uses a mi cro con trol ler for that (trans mit ter mo ni to ring)

and a DSP (Di gi tal Sig nal Pro ces sor).

c) The re cep ti on mo du le REVN 23147 is in de pen dent. It en su res the ba sic band con ver si on of

the sig nal re cei ved and supp lies the sig nals in pha se and qua dra tu re (chan nel I and Q respec

ti ve ly) to the CNUM 12133 PCB.

d) The rear pa nel of the re cei ver gets all the con nec tors re qui red for re mo te ope ra ti on in

dif fe rent mo des, an ten na so cket and mains con nec tors.

Re cei ver RS 4910 - (A) (mains po wer supp ly)

It con tains the same ele ments as in RS 4910 - ( ) in ad di ti on to the mains po wer supp ly (AC/DC con ver -

ter) and as so cia ted con nec tors.

The front pa nel PAVR 42057 has two ad di tio nal in di ca tors to in di ca te the pre sen ce of mains vol tage

and bat te ry.

DV 33089R.04 Issue 08/01 Page 4-1

Operation Manual

VHF Multimode Receiver RS 4910 - ( )

Page 4-2 DV 33089R.04 Issue 08/01

Operation Manual

VHF Multimode Receiver RS 4910 - ( )

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