Taxiway/Apron EL 220
EL 224-TEL Taxiway Edge Apron Edge


The lights of Series EL 224 meet the guidelines of ICAO

Annex 14 as well as Part 4 of the Aerodrome Design

Manuals and are in compliance with IEC 61827. They are

suitable for apron and taxiway applications. Transmittance

of the blue glass dome is 3%. The light fixture is available

either with a 45W/6.6A PK30d halogen lamp or with a

45W/6.6A G6.35 halogen lamp. Life expectancy of these

halogen lamps is approximately 5000 hours under

average operating conditions.



  • Sturdy, tight housing (IP67)
  • Compact dimensions and light weight
  • Optimal light performance with long lamp life due to excellent heat dissipation and seal tight concept
  • No optical re-adjustments after maintenance operations
  • Smooth outer glass surface allows easy cleaning; no internal cleaning required
  • Quick-release locking device
  • Through-colored glass dome
  • Suitable for frangible pedestal, type ERNI STF-N30
  • Suitable for frangible and adjustable pedestal, type ERNI STR-N30
  • Standard length of connecting cable is 30 cm. Other dimensions are available as per customer specific requirements 
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