PT. Mandala Dharma Krida was established in 1991 to representing world leading flight inspection system provider and manufacture, and has established unique distribution of special mission and works in harmonious co-operation with operator – in its respective markets.

PT. Mandala Dharma Krida providing clients with product and service that is consistently excellent, professional, innovative in order to ensure meet with operations requirement and successfully.

PT. Mandala Dharma Krida’s management and all personnel, in harmony with its vision and mission, committed in staying compliant with the Indonesia Defence Airworthiness Authority (IDAA) requirements and Indonesia Ministry of Defence Worthiness Centre regulations, for the purpose of the worthiness certification as Approved Military Aircraft Repair Station (AMARS).

To achieve the highest of product quality, PT. Mandala Dharma Krida committed to fullfill the facility involves the tools and also document to supporting materials requirements of the AMARS.

PT. Mandala Krida convinced that all of its efforts will be accepted and make customers satisfied. 


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