DVOR 432
Doppler Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio Range DVOR 432

VOR is the ICAO standard short and medium range navigation

aid that is installed at airports and en-route locations.

VOR is a ground-based radio navigation aid transmitting an

omni-directional signal that enables an aircraft to determine

its bearing in relation to the location of the beacon. Thales

product portfolio includes Conventional VOR (CVOR) and

Doppler VOR (DVOR). DVOR offers improved performance

compared to CVOR at demanding locations such as those with

large man-made structures owing to its wide-aperture antenna

system and the utilization of the Doppler effect.

Thales has supplied, installed

and commissioned more

than 4,000 CVOR and

DVOR systems worldwide:

The DVOR 432 fully meets

and on many points is

significantly better then ICAO

Annex 10 and EUROCAE

ED-52 requirements.

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