DME 415-435
The Future of Ground based Navigation Beacons

Distance Measuring Equipment 415/435

DME provides pilots with distance information

between the aircraft and the ground station, and

is used in all phases of flight. Signals transmitted

between an aircraft and a DME ground beacon

enable the aircraft to accurately determine its

distance from the beacon. DME is used at an

airport or en route, and is one of the primary

navigation aids in an airways system.


Monitoring and Control System (MCS)

To reduce service costs, the new

Monitoring and Control System (MCS)

not only allows easy remote monitoring

but also maintenance of all connected

navigation systems:

  • MCS based on network architecture
  • Support for small airports up to countrywide supervision systems
  • Local (airport) remote (regional, national)
  • MCS connection via WAN/LAN/Internet
  • MCS connection via public network (PTT) and dedicated private network lines
  • Control and monitoring via standard PC
  • User-friendly interface Extreme flexibility MCS is based on open architecture (SNMP, XML, JAVA).
  • COTS hardware (PC)
  • COTS operating system (MS Windows, Linux).
  • Communication based on SNMP V3 protocol
  • Encrypted data sent over LAN/WAN.
  • Password protection at any access level for all equipment (read-only, control, maintenance)


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