TS 4910 (Transmitter)
VHF Multi mode Transmitter TS 4910


The TS 4910 - ( ) VHF mul ti mo de trans mit ter has been de sig ned and de ve lo ped to ful fill the new re qui -

re ments of data trans mis si on in the 118.000 MHz -136.975 MHz ran ge (op ti on 108.000 HHz -

117.975 MHz or 118.000 MHz -144.000 MHz) in the field of ci vil ae ro nau ti cal te le com mu ni ca tions.

De sig ned for ground com mu ni ca ti on sta tions, the trans mit ter is a mul ti mo de, mul ti fre quen cy unit

equip ped with a num ber of functions en ab ling it to fit into va ri ous con fi gu ra tions. Ne ver the less, it re -

mains com pa ti ble with the tra di tio nal AM mo du la ti on mode.

Due to its mo du lar con cep ti on, the main ten an ce of the unit is easy and fast through simp le re pla ce -

ment of the de fec ti ve sub-assembly.




The TS 4910 - ( ) trans mitter is a VHF mul timode trans mit ter (A3E-ACARS-MODE2) ope rating in 10,

25 and 50 W. It is used in ac cordance with ana log mo dulation (AM type) and di gital mo du lation (D8PSK

type). The trans mitter is de signed to be con trolled di gitally.



The TS 4910 - ( ) trans mitter is for med of three main ele ments: po wer supp ly swit ching P.C.B., con -

trol/monitoring and RF part.

a) Power supp ly:

Generated from one bat tery in put and one REAL PCB en suring the mo nitoring of the swit ching over.

This functi on is ful ly reali zed in an ana log way.

b) Control/ mo nitoring:

It is pro cessed through the CTRL 11169 PCB, which ta kes into ac count ope rating in formati on, and exe -

cutes the as sociated ope rations in an ana log and/or di gital way. It uses a mi crocontrol ler for that (trans -

mit ter mo nitoring) and a DSP (mo dulation sig nal pro cessing).

c) RF part :

It is en sured by an in dependent RF mo dule pro viding a mo dulator sta ge, se veral gain stages to give

the ne cessary po wer, de modulator sta ge and di rectional coup ler sta ge (CODI) for re co vering an out -

put ima ge. Just like the mains, this part is exe cuted en tirely in an ana log way.

Operating block dia gram

See PLA TE 1.

The three cons tituent ele ments of the trans mit ter ful fill the ope rations gi ven he reaf ter.

DV 33089.04 Issue 08/01 Page 4-1

Operation Manual

VHF Multimode Transmitter TS 4910 - ( )


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