TG 460 (VHF-Transceiver)
BECKER TG 460 System

The BECKER TG 460 ground station offers a new

concept for ground to air communication on small and

regional air-fields, also for oil rigs and ships and for

airlines as a company frequency station.

Virtually all practical user requirements can be covered

by the TG 460. The heart of the TG 460 is a brand new

transceiver which utilises the most modern state of

the art technology to cover the whole 118.000 MHz to

136.975 MHz frequency range and is therefore operational

on all 760 channels. Preselection of 20 channels is a

standard built in feature as well as the scanning function

over the preselected channels.

The system is mounted in a 19" and 2 height units high

housing, available as desk-top or as 19" rack-mount


A simple, quick and easy to use operation is guaranteed

by way of the key pad on the front panel. A two line

display clearly indicates the selected operational mode.

The power supply is normally via the A.C. mains supply;

however an external DC back-up may be connected.

The base version of the system is offered in 5 and 10 Watt

transmitter carrier power versions.

Several options, and a complete packet of accessories

permit this system to be used in virtually every situation.

The transceiver may be controlled remotely via a multiwire

cable over a distance of up to 100 m, by using the

desk-top remote control. If remote control is required,

over larger distance or via 2-wire PTT lines, a 2-wire

interface and a remote control desktop unit with 2-wire

interface are already available.

The tape recorder connection permits the AF to be

recorded for documentational purposes.

When the optional internal battery is used, the system

is operational even in the case of a power failure, and

as the base station is then independent from the

mains power supply, it can be used as an emergency




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