GK 415 (VHF-Transceiver)
BECKER GK 415 mobile VHF-Transceiver

BECKER presents . according to its tradition for

light-weight and also efficient and sturdy avionics . the

BECKER GK 415, a mobile VHF-Transceiver with the

AR 4201.

The GK 415 is the ideal small portable basestation .

because of its compact size, its sturdiness and its great

efficiency . for use on small airfields, in balloons or in


Based on modern technology in the production (SMD)

we reached optimal performance concen- trated in a

small unit. The BECKER AR 4201 has an output of 5 .

7 Watts (16 W PEP) and offers 760 channels, which

means that even for long distances the equipment

guarantees perfect communication.

A standby frequency and 99 memory channels can be

easily programmed and recalled. The BECKER GK 415

has panel-lighting and automatic test-routine as

standard functions.

The large, clear and dazzle-free LC display shows the

active frequency and either the standby frequency,

memory channel, outside-temperature or supply-voltage.

The nicely shaped and sturdy aluminum case integrates

a dry-lead-acid battery (12 V 2,2 Ah) which can be easily

charged via a socket located on the front panel. This

integrated charging circuit allows the operation from 10

to 32 V.

The basic equipment includes: microphone, dry- leadacid

battery, charging device, antenna, carrying belt,

handle and carrying bag and also a vehicle mounting

device. That means that the unit is complete and

operational as soon as it is delivered.

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