IL 260 12", IL 267-SFL Approach Sequential Flash Light (SFL) & Threshold Identification Light (TIL)

General & Application

The flash lights of the series IL 260 are unidirectional

inset lights for approach and threshold identification

applications. The IEC 61827 compliant light fixtures meet

the mechanical guidelines of FAA AC150/5345-51 and

the optical performance complies with the standards and

recommended practices laid down by ICAO for precision

approach runways intended for use under instruments

approach procedures by aircraft operating under category I

through to III.

All inset- and elevated flash light fixtures are mainly of

identical design and most components are interchangeable.

Light fixtures as well as the system controller are suitable

for combined Approach and TIL applica tions. No adjustments

or costly reconfigurations are necessar y in case

of an extension of the system.



  • Low voltage energy supply (230 V AC) and long life flash tube with over 3000 h life expectancy
  • High powerfactor and low EMC
  • Microprocessor controlled light output
  • Reliable and well protected electronic components
  • Integrated or remote trigger unit
  • System components are resistant against high temperatures, UV and other environmental elements
  • No heating for low temperatures required
  • Compact 12" housing with IP68 protection degree and suitable for 12 FAA L-868 Size B deep can
  • Elevation above ground 12.5 mm
  • No optical re-adjustment needed after maintenance operations
  • Lightweight, low maintenance, hard-wearing
  • Cable with plug
  • Easy to combine with elevated flash light (EL 217-SFL)
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